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Keep matters moving

Designed specifically for law firms, our case management software provides everything you need to manage your case files from start to finish.


For the users – brilliantly comprehensive workflows that offer guidance, resources and support where needed. Your tailored case plan alongside a centralised matter record that keeps everything in one place, from correspondence history to key dates, to core matter information and next steps.

For the firm – complete reassurance that your staff have the supportive guidance of workflows even if they may be working at a distance, along with compliance tools, automatic escalations and task designation that makes sure the right things are done by the right people and at the right time.


Powerful workflow tools put you firmly in control of your processes, giving guidance to staff and reassurance to the practice.

Our workflows keep you on task and ensure all necessary steps for many matter types are completed.

Document Management

Produce, store and manage your entire case history, with the ability to store every type of attachment to your electronic file.


Streamline your client onboarding while ensuring compliance with AML and credit checks.


Work on-the-go with all your case information at your fingertips and never miss an opportunity to capture time.

Email Management

Simply create and file new correspondence and automatically attach incoming items to their matters with seamless Outlook integration.

Legal Forms

Use the vast library of legal forms and pre-populate with your client and case data, for the ultimate in time-saving efficiencies.

Payment Links

Include payment links in your invoices and other correspondence to enable your clients to make payments to you instantly, accurately and online.

Property Searches

Efficiently use stored case information to order property searches through our Data Insights & Due Diligence products.


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