Deliver a positive client experience right from the start with a digital solution that makes capturing and validating information as easy for your clients as it does for you.

Set up your customers, verify identity and source of funds, complete KYC / AML checks, and obtain digital signatures – along with property transaction forms (TA) in one easy-to-use, secure and convenient place.

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Simplify & digitise your onboarding with our client care packs that capture key customer information and confirm your engagement terms. 

Our digital signatures capture rich metadata such as date, device, and location.  

There’s no need for your customers to download documents, so you can provide convenience with compliance.


Don’t let ID checks delay your client onboarding. Provide your clients with a more convenient option. By using cutting-edge ID verification including PEP and Sanctions, we deliver industry-leading outcomes that help reduce fraud risk, and free up your time to concentrate on growing your business. 

Our technology includes Biometric Facial Recognition, which ensures documents match the individual to authenticate and confirm your customer. 

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Reduce the risk of fraud and the manual effort historically required to analyse paper statements or PDF’s. With 95% coverage of the UK banking infrastructure, get full financial statements in a few clicks. 

Get one comprehensive report containing the full fact find, evidence and remediation actions. Our financial fact-finding questionnaire helps you understand the Source of Funds for any transaction, from third-party funding, to savings, inheritance, or equity. 

Automatic data categorisation helps you identify high-risk behaviours. 

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Get your sale transaction moving quickly. Capture essential information upfront so there are no surprises further down the line. 

With digital TA forms, it’s easy for your customers to submit information and progress faster – they can also pause and save their progress and return when convenient and you can track their progress along the way. 

A Trusted, Secure, Compliant Solution

  • Rated 4.6 stars out of 5 on iOS and Android app stores with over 200,000 reviews
  • UK Government DIATF certified Identity Service Provider
  • ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified
  • Latest technology including biometric ID verification
  • All data stored within the UK
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  • Terms and Conditions and Estimate of Fees
  • eIDAS Level 2 standard E-signable documents
  • Easy-to-use merge-field feature for customisable templates
  • Full metadata capture, including device, location and time
  • Upload and manage multiple templates and signatures
  • Embed eSignature into data capture forms
  • Automatic email and SMS reminders


  • Simple steps for your customers: ‘Snap, Scan and Submit’
  • Biometric identity verification
  • Safe Harbour-compliant ID checks
  • International PEPs/Sanctions
  • Adverse media checks
  • Electronic Address Verification
  • Fraud prevention checks
  • Live ongoing monitoring (additional fees may apply)


  • Proof of Funds – Get genuine financial statements in just a few clicks
  • Source of Funds – Easy analysis, with automatic categorisation of incoming payments
  • Affordability assessments and missed payments profiling
  • Summarised transactional behavioural trends – what’s changed in the last 30 days
  • Gather additional data through configurable data capture forms
  • Simple, seamless integration with your existing CRM and onboarding processes
  • Smart funds calculator & tracker
  • Dynamic fact-find and evidence capture
  • Effortlessly gather financial evidence from your client within minutes using our Open Banking module.


  • Save time with upfront information capture
  • Fully digitised and custom-friendly Law Society TA forms
  • Track progression and completion rates



What types of documents can you check? 

Our software is able to extract data from official ID documents from all around the world using either NFC to read biometric passports/cards or through machine reading. We run a range of checks to ensure the document hasn’t been tampered with and verifying that the document is in the persons possession at the time (not a digital image).

What data sources do you use for your PEPs and Sanction checks? 

We only use verified and official sources that have passed regulator scrutiny, including official governmental UK, UN, EU & US Sanction lists. Our datasets are updated regularly, helping you stay on top of the ever-shifting regulatory landscape. Our Sanction lists are monitored for new releases several times daily, while all other international lists are updated overnight. Our PEP data is refreshed daily.

What is a Safe Harbour Standard ID check?

When a conveyancer adheres to the Digital ID Standard, they can achieve a status known as “Safe Harbour”. HM Land Registry introduced the Digital ID Standard which outlines specific requirements for verifying the identity of parties involved in property transactions. If a conveyancer follows the Digital ID Standard and fulfils the strict requirements, they attain the coveted Safe Harbour status.

Where is the data stored and for how long? 

All captured data is stored and encrypted, on enterprise-grade servers entirely within the UK. These servers are owned and operated by one of the well-known global leaders in computing. Data is stored for 5 years as standard, to align with UK legislation, but can be deleted sooner at your request.


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