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Our flexible, easy-to-use time recording system fully integrates with our billing module.

At the end of the day, you can review the hours spent across each project, in one place, before submitting it for billing.


Time recording needs are unique to each firm and fee earner. Our system has been designed to accommodate every type of firm with a system that is both personal, flexible and easy to use.

You can track your time whether finished or work-in-progress and view the total time spent against a case. You can even record time on the move.


We work with you to set up your time recording system, so it mirrors your existing workflow. We can then help adjust this if your requirements change.

Accessible App, Multiple Projects

We have created a time recorder App to accommodate your individual needs.  The time recorder assigned to each project will stop and start on your behalf, as you move between projects. This reduces the need for you to monitor and ensures billing accuracy without any increased input from you.

No recording errors

Our built-in maintenance function allows you to correct any time errors on a project. You can set permissions, so access to this function can be restricted. For those that can access it, it’s a simple process to amend recording entries, and there are built-in checks to protect data integrity and ensure time entries which have been billed or written off cannot be amended or removed.


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